Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back Home after successfully completing "The West Highland Way"

I'm back home in New Jersey and I am very happy to report that I was successful in stepping every mile of the West Highland Way! (95 miles!!)  In support of my cancer charity, "A Step Ahead".  

It was an awesome journey-  the scenery was so beautiful and I highly recommend this hike to any serious walkers out there- It took us six straight days to complete the 95 miles and it was an extremely mental, as well as physical challenge to keep on stepping... through the pain and exhaustion!!  My sisters and the team of eight were wonderful and we gave each other a lot of support.  

We received a lot of press in Scotland.  We were featured in "The Glasgow Herald" twice and appeared on live Scottish TV.  It was fun to be famous for a day!  Additionally, the editor and photographer who joined us on our walk from Mexico had an eight page article in "Balance" magazine, which is published nationally in Mexico.  More importantly we have raised a lot of money towards Professors Stott's cancer research in Glasgow University.  Over 35, 000 Pounds (UK)  I am very excited to continue adding to the total with donations from "Pioneers For a Cure".  

Personally, it is extremely fulfilling and healing to be able to use my body and soul in the fight against cancer.  I hope you enjoy the beautiful songs that have been created in this meaningful project.